Phase 1 Treatment

Phase 1 Treatment Orthodontists Carmel InThe main goal of Phase 1 orthodontic treatment is to make room in a child’s mouth for incoming adult teeth. Phase 1 treatment is primarily performed when a child is between 7 and 10 years of age. Not every child will require multiple phases. However, our Carmel orthodontists will recommend Phase 1 when a moderate or severe orthodontic problem is found early on. Here’s what you need to know about Phase 1 treatment.

How Will Phase 1 Treatment Help My Child?

Generally, our orthodontists will not move forward with Phase 1 orthodontic treatment unless it is something a patient truly needs. Early intervention can prevent future dental trauma, tooth extraction, or jaw surgery.

Phase 1 is best initiated when a child still has some baby teeth left, but before all permanent teeth have erupted. If your child lost their baby teeth earlier or later than expected, that too can be addressed during Phase 1 treatment. Above all else, our orthodontists are focused on creating enough space in your child’s jaw for emerging adult teeth and ensuring their jaws grow at the right pace in relation to their development.

Once your child has completed Phase 1 treatment, they will be given a custom retainer to wear. Our orthodontists will then discuss with you the possibility of treatment after all permanent teeth have appeared.