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Metal Braces Orthodontist Carmel IN

Metal Braces

The most well-known and widespread choice for orthodontic treatment, metal braces feature stainless steel brackets and an archwire connected to those brackets by ligature elastics. This traditional braces type is used to correct dental problems like crowded or crooked teeth, a misaligned jaw, and more. They’re highly effective and are appropriate for patients of varying ages.

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Clear Ceramic Braces Orthodontists Carmel In

Clear Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces offer a toned down approach to orthodontics as they straighten teeth with clear or tooth-colored brackets and a less obvious shade of wire. Despite the different appearance, our orthodontists can use ceramic braces to fix many of the same issues that traditional metal braces are designed to correct.

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Invisalign Orthodontists Carmel In


Not a fan of braces but still want your teeth straightened? Our orthodontists offer Invisalign® clear aligners to teen and adult patients in addition to metal and ceramic braces. Nearly invisible and removable, Invisalign aligners involve no metal whatsoever and allow for quicker check-up appointments throughout treatment.

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Inbrace Orthodontists Carmel In


Revolutionary and unique in its approach, InBrace® uses a custom Smartwire™ to move your teeth gently into place over time. The wire is programmed based on your personalized treatment plan and is affixed to the backside of your teeth so it’s not visible even when you smile. Because of its simplistic design, no monthly adjustments or tray changes are needed.

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Phase 1 Treatment Orthodontists Carmel In

Phase 1 Treatment

The main goal of Phase 1 orthodontics is to make room in a child’s mouth for incoming adult teeth. Also known as interceptive treatment, Phase 1 treatment is primarily performed when a child is between 6 and 10 years of age. Not every child will require multiple phases but Phase 1 is recommended when a moderate or severe orthodontic problem is found early on and waiting will negatively impact oral health.

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Orthodontic Retainers Orthodontists Carmel In

Orthodontic Retainers

Many patients think that after their orthodontic treatment is finished, they’re good to go. In actuality, you will need to wear a custom-made retainer as instructed by our orthodontists to maintain the smile that has taken months to create. If your retainer is not worn properly, your teeth will unfortunately shift back into misalignment.

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